SPD Surge Protective Devices ZGLEDUN Series LD-MD , Surge Protector T2 Level Lightning Protection 8/20 Waveform, Surge Arrester

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    ZGLEDUN Series LD-MD SPD Surge Protection Devices with the following features.

    • High-energy surge protection

    • Remote signal alarm interface

    • Failure detection indicator

    • Standard modular installation

    • Built-in instantaneous overcurrent circuit breaker

    • Pluggable replacement modules

    • Single module maximum discharge current 20-80KA (8/ 20μs),

    • Response speed: 10-9s level.

    LD-MD series T2 surge protector SPD is designed according to IEC and GB standards. It has a strong surge discharge capacity and the maximum discharge current per unit is 20-80KA (8/20μs). It’s suitable for all levels of protection of low-voltage power distribution systems, and can be selected according to different power distribution systems (TT/TN/IT) with multiple combinations.

    Application Places:

    LD-MD-80, LD-MD-60: The main power distribution cabinet of the building where the power line is shielded and ground input, the distribution box with outdoor input and output lines in the building, and the outdoor power distribution cabinet/distribution box

    LD-MD-40: Building floor distribution box

    LD-MD-20: Distribution boxes for important electrical equipment in buildings, such as computer room distribution boxes and residential distribution boxes


    The Main Technical Parameters
    Model LD-MD-20 LD-MD-40 LD-MD-60 LD-MD-80
    LD-MD Port 1 Port 1 Port 1 Port 1 Port
    LD-MD Type Combination type Combination type Combination type Combination type
    Testing II II II II
    Rated Voltage Un 110V/220V AC50-60Hz 110V/220V AC50-60Hz 110V/220V AC50-60Hz 110V/220V AC50-60Hz
    Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc AC275V,AC320V,AC420V,AC440V
    Standard Discharge Current In (8/20μs) 10KA 20KA 30KA 40KA
    Maximum Discharge Current Imax(8/20μs) 20KA 40KA 60KA 80KA
    Protection Level Up (8/20μs) 1.5KV 1.8KV 2.0KV 2.2KV
    Fuse or Circuit Breaker/Backup Protector 20/60KA 25/60KA 32/80KA 32/80KA
    Response Time tA ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns
    Dimension (mm) 72x90x69 72x90x69 72x90x69 72x90x69
    Failure Indicator Green: Normal               Red: Failure
    Installation Wire Cross-sectional Area mm² 6-25mm2
    Installation 35mm Standard Rail (EN50022/DIN46277-3)
    Working Environment Temperature ℃ -40ºC to 85ºC
    Shell Material Plastic complied with UL94V-0
    Protection Level IP20
    Remote Signal Alarm Normally Open/Normally Closed Electric Shock Terminal (optional)
    Remote Signal Interface Wiring Capacity Maximum 1.5mm² Single Wire/Flexible Wire


     SPD Surge Protector Series LD-MD (T2 Level Lightning Protection 8/20 Waveform)
      Image  Model Number Rated Current Quantity Per Carton Remark
      LD-MD-10KA  4P 5~10KA   36 18mm
    LD-MD-20KA  4P 10~20KA 36 18mm
    LD-MD-30KA  4P 15~30KA 36 18mm
    LD-MD-40KA  4P 20~40KA 36 18mm
    LD-MD-60KA  4P 30~60KA 36 18mm
    LD-MD-60KA  4P 30~60KA  24 27mm
    LD-MD-80KA  4P 60~80KA  24 27mm
    LD-MD-100KA  4P 80~100KA 24 27mm


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