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#01 New product launch | 2000VDC, ushering in a new era of DC

SOCOMEC has always been committed to the research of DC arc breaking technology. Through extensive experiments and research, we have gained a deep understanding of the voltage, current characteristics, and arc energy of DC arcs. At present, SOCOMEC has multiple related DC technology patents and DC switch products that have been verified in the market. In the energy storage industry, we already have a large number of mature products applied. For example, in the battery combiner cabinet section, our 1500VDC 2P INOSYS series DC isolation switch products have been widely used in domestic and overseas export projects.


#02 The total investment is about 1.2 billion yuan, and this Swiss company’s Minhang factory is about to be completed! Herm è s, known as the dental implant industry

The Shizhuoman High end Implant Industrialization Project started construction in September 2022. This is the first integrated production, training, and innovation base of the Swiss Shizhuoman Group in Asia. The first phase covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a total investment of about 1.2 billion yuan. It is expected to achieve an annual income of 1.4 billion yuan after reaching production, bringing nearly a thousand job opportunities.


#03 LAZZEN and Biwei Group sign a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a zero carbon new ecosystem for smart electrical systems
Recently, LAZZEN has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the globally renowned international certification and sustainable service enterprise BV Group. The two sides will focus on low-carbon and sustainable development trends and jointly promote green transformation in various industries and related industrial chains. Surachet TANWONGSVAL, Executive Vice President of BV Asia Pacific, Han Jing, Senior Vice President of Greater China and Northeast Asia, and Ren Silong, Chairman of LAZZEN, attended the ceremony.


#04 Chint Electric has obtained dual certifications for carbon neutrality and zero carbon factories, and is fully committed to the zero carbon future!

Recently, a highly anticipated certification ceremony was held grandly in Shanghai. T Ü V Nande, a globally authoritative third-party inspection and testing certification agency, has awarded Chint Electric Appliances Wenzhou Bridge Park (Phase I and III) with dual certificates for carbon neutrality and zero carbon factory (Type I, 5-star) certification, marking a solid step forward for Chint Electric Appliances in achieving its goal of “operating carbon neutrality (including carbon offsetting) in 2028″. Representatives including Nan Junyu, the executive group leader of the Zhongtai Committee of Chint Group, director and vice president of Chint Electric, Sun Jianjun, the head of the North Asia Management Service Department of T Ü V South Deutsche Group, and senior vice president of Greater China, attended the certification ceremony.


#05 Deeply cultivating smart lighting, Opu Lighting and Nengdi Technology jointly create a new landscape of “green development”

On April 18th, Oupu Lighting and Nengdi Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Oupu Lighting’s global research and development center. Both sides will focus on the three major concepts of intelligence, technology, and green energy conservation, and create new quality productivity for multiple scenarios. They will provide multi-dimensional project cooperation in products, technology, capital, and models, in order to jointly contribute to the high-quality development of related industries. Liang Weiming, the relevant person in charge of Oupu Lighting, Chairman of Nengdi Technology, and Duan Zhongshan, the Marketing Director, attended the event and jointly witnessed the signing of the contract.


#06 Delixi Electric is invited to attend the 2nd Carbon Finance Forum to explore the future of zero carbon smart manufacturing!

The highly anticipated second Carbon Finance Forum was grandly held in Shanghai. This forum is jointly organized by the China Energy Conservation Association and the China Quality Certification Center, bringing together government departments, ecological environment experts, economists, as well as middle and high-level professionals in finance, carbon asset management, and other fields to explore the synergistic and win-win ways of high-quality development and carbon reduction.


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