Schneider Factory in Xiamen

On April 26th, the Xiamen Torch Electric Power Industrial Park (Phase I) project officially started construction. After completion, the project will serve as Schneider Electric (Xiamen) Industrial Park, creating its largest medium voltage production base in the world.

The Xiamen Torch Electric Power Industrial Park (Phase I) project is located in the Torch (Xiang’an) Industrial Zone and is invested and constructed by Torch Group. The project mainly includes one research and development office building and one customized factory building, with a total construction area of about 110000 square meters and a total investment of about 1.2 billion yuan. It is planned to be completed in 2025 and will be leased by Schneider Electric for a long time after completion. It is expected to double production capacity in the next five years.

Xu Shaofeng, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Energy Management Medium Voltage and Service Business in China, stated that Xiamen is one of Schneider Electric’s important strategic layout cities in China. The settlement of the world’s largest medium voltage production base in Xiamen is an important measure for the company to strengthen its overall layout in China and deeply cultivate the local market. Schneider Electric will work hand in hand with all partners to help Xiamen accelerate industrial innovation and accelerate the formation of new quality productivity.

Schneider Electric, headquartered in France, settled in Xiamen Torch High tech Zone in 2005. In the past 20 years, Schneider Electric has developed rapidly and has become a backbone enterprise in the power and electrical industry in Xiamen, as well as a global medium voltage product core base for Schneider Electric Group.

It is worth mentioning that ELEMRO’s global headquarters is located in Xiamen, and its business cooperation with companies such as ABB, Schneider Electric, and Siemens is very close. Based on its geographical advantages, ELEMRO can provide customers with convenient services such as pick-up, shipping, and price support to the greatest extent possible.

Post time: May-02-2024