With the growing demand for sustainable and clean energy, domestic energy storage systems are becoming increasingly popular. It meets people’s multifaceted needs for energy saving, cost saving, and sustainable electricity use.
Generally, a domestic energy storage system consists of three components: a battery system, a battery storage inverter, and a photovoltaic module.
Battery systems store renewable energy like solar energy in batteries, and battery storage inverters convert the electricity stored in those batteries into usable AC power for the home. Photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into DC electricity.
When electrical energy is needed, the inverter can convert the energy stored in the battery pack into household electricity for household appliances. At the same time, if the household photovoltaic power generation exceeds the household electricity demand, the remaining electricity can be sent to the grid through the inverter to achieve distributed power generation and reduce the dependence on the traditional grid.
Regarding batteries, we all choose lithium-iron phosphate batteries now. Because it has the following distinguishing features:
Long life span
High safety
Good high-temperature performance
High energy density
Environmentally friendly
Our main partners for energy storage inverters are GROWATT, GOODWE, DEYE, INVT, etc.
Elemro’s home energy storage systems feature state-of-the-art battery technology capable of rapid charging and discharging, providing more reliable energy storage. In addition, the systems are intelligently managed to automatically control the supply and consumption of energy to ensure optimum energy efficiency.
By using Elemro’s energy storage system, households can achieve greater energy self-sufficiency and reduce energy consumption costs while reducing their carbon emissions.
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Post time: Mar-10-2023