Elemro was registered in Xiamen Area of China Free Trade Zone. Founded in April 2019, Elemro is mainly engaged in B2B business of industrial electrical equipment and new energy products, including simatic PLC and module, MCB, contactor, inverter, lithium iron phosphate (Lifepo4) battery, solar panel, etc.

In August 2021, Elemro established its cross-border e-commerce business, committed to exporting high-quality electrical products of Chinese domestic brands and international brands, as well as improving the overseas supply chain system. The brands that Elemro deals with include but not limitd to: ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Elemro and ZGLEDUN. In this way, global industrial customers can efficiently purchase electrical equipment from China and domestic industrial customers can easily order electrical products from overseas.

Just over one year, Elemro’s import and export business for industrial electrical equipment has changed from non-standardized to standardized, from immature to mature, from unprofessional to professional. All these positive changes are benefits from the careful guidance and dedicated service of the customs.

As a start-up enterprise surviving in the most fiercely competitive market, what Elemro need is nothing more than a fair competition order, a sound business environment and friendly communication channels. Part of the reasons that Elemro becomes the vanguard of industrial electrical cross-border e-commerce enterprises is that Xiamen is doing a great job in this aspect.

Thumbs up for Xiamen customs! Thumbs up for Xiamen!


Post time: Apr-14-2023