1-Phase Electronic Watt Meter DIN Rail, Intelligent Electricity Meter for Bill Prepaid , Smart Power Meter with Remote Control Function

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ZGLEDUN Series LDDT(D)S intelligent electronic watt-hour meter is the active energy metering product suitable for power supply departments, factories, enterprises, business buildings, agriculture and residential places as well as lighting equipment. This product is a new type of watt-hour meter designed and manufactured according to the actual power consumption of users. Through the RS485 communication interface and the actual data exchange with the host computer, it can realize the remote meter reading, remote control of the switch function, and the remote prepaid recharge function, which greatly facilitates the user’s automatic management of electricity consumption.

This product complies with the standard DL/T645-1997/2007 “Multifunction Meter Communication Protocol” GB/T17215.321-2008 “Class 1 and Class 2 Static AC Active Energy Meters”.









Schematic Diagram of Remote Smart Electricity Sales






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